Friday, 23 July 2010

Tales from the back seat of a Mondeo

We're actually off on the run now and the fun has well and truly
begun. As Chas noted last night one of our extended number managed to
get into France with no passport - some of you more jingoistic readers
might say thst it's not the first time the French border police have
surrendered without much of a fight - I can't condone that view (but
am luxuriating in a little snigger I admit).

On top of that, yours truly made a slightly late start of it this
morning. After strolling into the hotel at about 3 shouting the
certainty that "you won't need to wake me up fellas" down the corridor
to fellow team members I promptly opened the door eschewed all
thoughts of setting an alarm "I can do this freestyle" and jumped in
bed. Next thing I know i'm being woken by violent knocking at the door
and the internal confirmation that indeed I am a knob!
Made it to the start line just ever so slightly late and powered off
up the motorway on our way to Switzerland -we've seen loads of the
other cars and it's absolutely brilliant seeing each one - there's
some creative designs on the road today along with a few others that
seem to have invested the whole £200 budget on a comedy horn!

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