Friday, 23 July 2010


Greetings footman on the blog. I have just finished the first rally driving stint and unsurprisingly it was eventful. The main talking point being an impromptu meeting with the gendames with all 3 of us in full ghostbusters attire. Apparently I was tugged by the gendames for speeding and got the mandatory breathalised follow up. All clear I might add. As for speeding I Talked my way out of it and asked had they seen ghostbusters. There seemed to be mutual admiration for the 80's film classic. One question that was asked was what is "crumball rally?" I find it difficult to explain in English without people thinking I have a screw loose let alone to a French policeman in tight. Trousers and knee high boots.  Conceptually he weren't getting it. I diverted him by telling him the car cost  200 euros which I am not sure if that made him happier with the situation. I also mentioned I was getting married but refrained from trying to explain what a stag do was as. That would have possibly ended with me doing an impression is a stag using pointed fingers as horns and probably a trip in the paddy wagon as he thought I might be delirious. After speeding and breathalising was cleared up I also got told that driving at 82mph with a flashing Amber light is not allowed. In fairness they were quite nice and just gave me friendly advice but I am glad I had all the paperwork with me. The whole situation came about as Apparently we got grassed up to the gendames who were told by someone I was driving a bit to fast. We actually passed them a few miles previoss and nothing happened. I would love to have heard that converation, so yes what is the description of the car that is driving fast?.....  Personally I think there reasons for pulling us over were false and they just wanted to look at and admire the ectomobile close up. Footman over and out.

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