Sunday, 25 July 2010

Cow Rustling and mountain Passing...

There are, in my opinion, few funnier things you can see in this world
than a cow getting winched into the air by a helicopter! And as luck
would have it we got to see just that yesterday morning at the
starting point for the day! The initial hilarity, which caused us to
pull Ecto to one side and watch in wonderment, soon gave way to a more
serious mood though when us along with fellow Crumballers realised
that we might actually be witnessing some audacious Swiss Cow rustling
taking place... Is that the reason that Swiss cows wear them bells?
Probably not, but I'm starting that rumour off anyway.
It was a rainy, cloudy morning in Thun yesterday which meant that I
had to miss out on the promised cable car ride up into the misty tops,
a shame for some but a huge relief for me who managed to delay the
unavoidable involuntary bowel movements which are my standard reaction
to being 5 foot off the ground!

My relief was short lived however, as straight after lunch in
Interlakken with the whole crew we set off towards locarno, whic
involved some serious corner work along two mountain passes with sheer
1000 foot drops into a canyon only a fence away from the Ecto and Matt
at the wheel giggling along the way. The brakes were stinking and the
engine got seriously thirsty (6 litres in quick time) while I had to
spend most of the journey lying down in the back seat so that I
couldn't see the drop on our right hand side - great. Apparently the
views were gorgeous I really have no idea!

Anyway, there's a few more things to add to this blog before we finish
with Italy tomorrow including another brush with foreign officialdom
in Italy where we got relieved of 165 Euros to drive away! We'll
update you with more on that a bit later. Cheers, Ed

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